The Bullpen provides information aimed at improving the pet-ownership experience for both animals and the people who love them.  Through our website and social media platforms, as well as on a grassroots level, we address issues like better pet-ownership practices, the benefits of adoption, and alternatives to shelter surrender. 

  • For individuals and families that own or are considering adding a pet to their household, we supply information on topics like:
    • The importance of preventative medicine and vaccinations
    • The value of feeding high quality dog food
    • Alternative/natural remedies
    • Sources of low-cost veterinary supplies and services
  • For prospective pet-owners, we:
    • Discuss the pros and cons of adoption vs. puppy purchase, to help individuals make responsible and informed choices
    • Encourage individuals to gain a full understanding of traits, behaviors, and potential health issues of the breed that they are considering 
    • Provide contact and adoption information for local shelters and rescue groups that have available dogs
  • For current pet-owners who are considering relinquishing their animals due to behavioral issues, financial concerns, or any other reason, we:
    • Counsel individuals on behavior modification techniques
    • Encourage people to seek rescue placement rather than surrendering to shelters or advertising the dog on Craig's List
    • Provide information on sources of low-cost veterinary supplies and services