Resources: Lower-cost Veterinary Care

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CSRA Lifesaver
PO Box 14667
Augusta, GA 30919
(706) 261-7387
Dogwood Park Animal Clinic
6100 Columbia Road
Grovetown, GA 30813
(706) 541-2911
Heartsong Spay/Neuter Clinic
421 S Belair Road
Martinez, GA
(706) 860-9300
Leftover Pets
Mobile low cost spay/neuter clinic
Serves Northeast GA
(706) 654-3291 & (800) 978-5226

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Get Your Fix

National organization that matches pet owners with sponsors who will pay for needed spay/neuter services.


Training and Behavior

Click here to peruse helpful reading on training and animal behavior. 

Big pups tend to take big naps, but how much sleep is enough or too much?  Check out this article for helpful information on sleep and your dog.

Dog Food

Confused and overwhelmed by all the dog food choices?  We HIGHLY recommend you visit for unbiased, easy to understand reviews of just about every dog food on the market.


A list of human medications that can be used for your furry friends can be found here.

A very thorough (and entertaining) article that compares dog de-wormers, broken down by active ingredients, the parasites they target, and the cost per dose.  Although the list includes some medications that are primarily marketed in Australia, thanks to the internet and international mail service, most can be delivered to your front door (and they're just as effective, generally much cheaper, and available without a prescription!).

In most cases, your pet's medication can be obtained for a substantially lower cost outside of your veterinarian's clinic.  Whether its a monthly preventative, antibiotics, pain medications, or anti-inflammatories, we always recommend you ask your vet for a prescription instead of letting them fill it.  You can compare costs from local retail outlets using the website, or price-shop on the internet through reputable pet pharmacies.  For example, you can buy your dog's joint medications for less from 1-800-PetMeds!



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It is our very humble but well-supported position that, if faced with the choice, it is better to take your pet to the nearest animal shelter rather than to post them on Craigslist.  There are many unsavory people that will abuse your animal, sell your pet for medical research or use them as bait dogs. It is a harsh reality, but one that everyone should be aware of. It is best to network through close and trusted friends or rescue groups to place an unwanted animal. Rescue groups have the resources to properly research potential adopters, to ensure your pet finds the best possible new home.