Doing Things Differently

Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.
— Albert Schweitzer

The Approach

Anyone that has ever been involved in animal rescue can tell you that it's often like being in a leaky boat: every time you get a hole plugged, four more spring up. Drawing on our collective experience in the rescue world, we decided that rather than devoting our resources to filling holes and bailing water, it was time to get a new boat.  To that end, we designed a new kind of vessel for rescue, one that operates based on the following principles: 

Dignity:  We believe that all living beings deserve to live and die with dignity and honor, and will provide a space to make this possible.

Tranquility:  We believe that all living things deserve to exist in a peaceful, stable environment.  To this end, our rescue barn was specifically designed to minimize stress and maximize safety and comfort.   With regards to people, we strive for low-stress, drama-free interactions, and expect all volunteers, donors, rescue partners, and the people we serve to treat each other with utmost respect.  

Responsibility:  We believe that each and every person and entity that participates in our rescue programs should hold themselves to the highest standards in their dealings with others.  It is crucial that rescuers are punctual, true to their word, aware of their financial obligations, and accountable to the animals that they to rescue. 

Reciprocity: Defined by Merriam-Webster as “the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by organization to another,” we believe this is the key to achieving new levels of success in our efforts to end animal cruelty.  We are one hundred percent dedicated to fostering an environment where animal welfare advocates work together and support one another’s efforts by sharing information and resources.


The facility

For many rescue dogs, a warm bed and a loving hand is a comfort they've never known.  Whether our canine guests spend one night or the rest of their days with us, The Bullpen's six studios and six free-standing villas facilities provide the most nurturing and home-like environment possible: 

  • Soft-finished interiors with raised beds and anti-microbial composite deck flooring
  • No concrete and no chain link fencing
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Attached outdoor space for when nature calls
  • Acres of rolling green pasture, cross fenced so everyone can play or kick back and relax safely
  • Grain-free food, supplemented with homemade organic liver, brown rice & veggies