Support Every Step of the Way


Our Mission

  • Minimize the needless euthanasia of abandoned dogs at shelters/pounds, and rescue dogs in abusive, endangering and neglectful environments

  • Directly engage in and provide facilities for others to engage in the promotion of animal rescue

  • Provide food, shelter, rehabilitation, and necessary veterinary care including spaying and neutering of rescued animals

  • Facilitate and operate adoption programs to place rescued animals into suitable and loving permanent adoptive homes

  • Create public interest and awareness of abused and abandoned animals

  • Advise the general public/community on better care practices for their animals

  • Counsel and provide resources to low-income households to increase retention and general health and welfare of existing companion animals

  • Increase communication, partnerships, and resource sharing between existing rescue and shelter groups

  • Promote action and advocacy for all of the above

With my eyes, they will be seen.
With my voice, they will be heard.
With my hands, they will know comfort.
With my action, they will be free.
— B. Shoss

What We offer

  • Sanctuary:  Providing a range of on-site services designed to enhance the efforts of the larger rescue community 

  • Advocacy:  Working to change the way people care for their pets and their attitudes towards rescued animals. 

  • Education: Presenting information aimed at improving the pet-ownership experience for animals and the people who love them.

  • Outreach: Working together and drawing on the collective resources, knowledge, and wisdom of individuals and organizations