A place where someone or thing is protected or given shelter; the protection provided by a safe place.

The Bullpen helps dogs from shelters; abusive, endangering, or neglectful environments; and/or owner surrenders.  We provide premium quality food, shelter, rehabilitation, and veterinary care, including mandatory spaying and neutering of rescued animals.  In addition to our primary facility in Norwood, we have an established national network of individuals that act as foster homes for our dogs. We are proud to operate an adoption program that has successfully placed nearly all of our rescued dogs into loving, permanent adoptive homes.

Inevitably, some dogs enter our program at the end of their lives.  For those animals, we are honored to provide a place for them to spend their last days with peace and dignity.  Any dog that crosses the Rainbow Bridge while under our care is buried on-site in a shady grove, so that they may know that they always have a place here with us.

In addition to dogs accepted directly into The Bullpen’s care, we also admit dogs from other approved giant breed rescue partners.  If a rescue partner wishes to assist a dog, and has the ability to significantly contribute to the animal’s expenses but lacks the capacity to provide a high quality long-term placement, The Bullpen will act as a surrogate until foster or permanent placement can be found.

The Bullpen currently accepts the following dogs:

  • Black Russian Terrier
  • Great Dane
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Giant Schnauzer
  • Leonberger
  • Mastiff (Bull, English, Cane Corso, Presa Canario, Boerboel, Tibetan, Neapolitan, Dogue de Bordeaux, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasiliero, Korean, Spanish)
  • Newfoundland
  • St. Bernard
  • Tosa Inu
  • Any dog of mixed or pure breeding that weighs more than 100lbs
  • Purebred Bulldog breeds (French, English, American)